Recently I met with a beautiful woman, Elena of InTouch Kinesiology to photograph new portraits and images for her branding.

Through the process she went inwards often, eyes down or closed, to keep connected with herself. And what I loved was that 'inward' seemed like such a nice place to be. Like going home to herself. It wasn't an escape or hiding, it was a re-centering or soothing.

She would look up again with a smile- and it felt like her heart was glowing out through her eyes, it was so warm.

I fully understand this myself and how confronting it can be to stare into a lens and be seen. And I'm always working on that inner connection. So it was beautiful to witness in Elena.
It's like can we face the fight/flight response- calm ourselves- breathe- and stay fully present in our bodies.

It's a great analogy and practice for life, which makes me love this work.

Plus! The photos flowed really easily and clearly in line with her intuition and vision. Another one of her gifts.



I don't even know where to start with Bethany. She is a multi faceted spirit who tells trees about her travels- is still very real and grounded- and she does not like having her photo taken for too long. (There will be backlash.)
She is a trove of wisdom, insight, and new ways of connecting ideas, with a fiery undercurrent that sometimes comes out.

We explored the Rhododendron Gardens near Melbourne. I hope you enjoy the trip.



This is what I see happen with photos. And actually with myself in my own life.
We start off facing the camera and feeling confronted. Uncomfortable, in our heads, unsure, exposed. So seen. And thinking about that.

But we can start to get into our bodies. Breathe. Shake it off. Feel what it is to be standing here, with ourselves, and our own energy.
Make some noise. Feel open and accepted. Feel at ease. Or powerful. Or embodied.

It's one thing to be in your body and feeling energised and expressive.
It's another thing to be seen in it -- You might fear how you're perceived. You might fear not being accepted. Or pretty. Or perfect enough. Or loveable.

And it's another thing again- to see yourself in it.
To face your own judgements -- or your acceptance. Be your own mirror. Because ultimately that's the acceptance we need.
And it's our fear, which we imagine other people are thinking.

So what lets you get into your body? What lets you relax? Open up?

It can be a skill we build over time- a feeling of inner security. It can be being in an environment you love. Doing something you love. Moving, dancing, exercising, singing, yelling. Changing your stance. Waking up. Getting energy out. 

You're responsible for your own power in your body. And it flows a lot easier when you can accept yourself. Being imperfect, and human, and here.

What are you generating. What are you creating.

Photos taken by Tali Brash. Thank you for pushing my edges!


Armelle is a gorgeous, joyful woman with sparkly eyes and a sexy french accent. 
She's spent the last 2 years following something she loves, shifting careers and studying shiatsu.  
Often when I take portraits we chat, and often I hear some awesome helpful things about other peoples journeys and discoveries. 

Among other things Armelle mentioned that when doing something she loved, it made tough times easier too. 

"…the more I do what I love the more I love myself. The more I love myself the more I can love others. The secret of a healthy cycle.
I still struggle with doubts, fear of the unknown, scarcity but it's part of the journey!!"

"I've learnt that the only thing stopping me from being me is me. It's my attachment to who I think I am now and the fear of letting go of this identity."

Something new

This has started happening with some photos.

I'm merging some of my worlds and keen to experiment more with it.
I've been painting for a little while now but it's been lacking form and faces.

And I've been taking photos for a longer while now but it could do with some experimenting and growing.

Let's see where it goes

The Voices of Tali

A few months ago I took portraits of the beautiful and charismatic Tali Brash, for her one woman show called The Voices of Tali. It's since been a sell out and wholly amazing to see.
www.talibrash.com for any updates on future shows.

The show was about these different voices inside her, so we captured images of them- these different expressions and edges of herself. She has amazing presence, and goes fully and openly into all of the energy.
In the same vein, she turned the camera on me afterwards to push me to my own edges to be seen in. That's for another day to share.

But here are some of her portraits. Such a great person to work with :)

La Sagrada Familia

I'd like to share some images from one of the most beautiful places I have been.

I don't know if words could justify it. But it is like a glowing cavern of heaven, light, dark, nature and awe. Something in the air feels different, and even with the crowds of people there was something quiet about it. Some unique reverence and celebration. I don't think I've felt that in a man-made place before.

Gaudi was onto something, with his colour.


Danni & Clint

Along with Purple Ribbon I had the pleasure of spending my New Year's Eve on the beach, photographing the wedding of Danyelle and Clinton.

What beautiful people. There was so much heart on the day and I've loved going through these photos. The love and respect between these two shows. Along with their family, friends, and golden retriever Churros, they made the day amazing. What a great way to start the new year, thank you.

Please see the whole story here.


This is delayed so there might not be as much of it left now, but who knew there was snow so close to Melbourne? It was beautiful, cold and stark at the time.

Andy & Natalie

Last Saturday I spent a bit of the day with the lovely Andy and Natalie, now Mr and Mrs. Their friend Justin was capturing a lot of the day amazingly himself, so I just jumped in for the ceremony and dedicated photo time afterwards.

Such a genuine and lovely couple along with their family and friends- and when I lost my lost camera bag (now found!) everyone was so kind and concerned on my behalf. They made the photography easy for me-- happily tackling cobblestones in heels and being all round photogenic as we wandered through Melbourne alleys.

I'm grateful to have been part of it and wish them all the best for an amazing everything in the future.
Please click here to take a look at the photos.

Peru travels

I've been seeing another side of the world at the moment in Peru. So many eye opening things, bright coloured doors, peeling paint, Inka construction, and also the most photogenic dogs hanging out on every street. Here is just a little part of it :)