Recently I met with a beautiful woman, Elena of InTouch Kinesiology to photograph new portraits and images for her branding.

Through the process she went inwards often, eyes down or closed, to keep connected with herself. And what I loved was that 'inward' seemed like such a nice place to be. Like going home to herself. It wasn't an escape or hiding, it was a re-centering or soothing.

She would look up again with a smile- and it felt like her heart was glowing out through her eyes, it was so warm.

I fully understand this myself and how confronting it can be to stare into a lens and be seen. And I'm always working on that inner connection. So it was beautiful to witness in Elena.
It's like can we face the fight/flight response- calm ourselves- breathe- and stay fully present in our bodies.

It's a great analogy and practice for life, which makes me love this work.

Plus! The photos flowed really easily and clearly in line with her intuition and vision. Another one of her gifts.