Saru is someone I've photographed a few times and become friends with through that. I believe she delayed the first photo session 4 or so times, as it was edgy and confronting for her. We both got there in the end!

The second lot of photos- total breeze. Each time I see her she's more centered in herself. More comfortable being photographed, but more comfortable just being herself.

Saru, I see as this sagely feminine wisdom. She feels a lot, is affected, and has lived many sides of life. Different cultures, different careers and different challenges. Alongside that she loves parks, nature and extra hot chili hot chocolate..

I want people to be themselves and feel loved as they are. Any time I give solid attention to someone, get out of my own head and really notice them, that's what I see. It may be easier to do from the outside sometimes because there's not that personal, critical voice going on. It’s more compassion and awe.