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Jihad M'nsaria is beautiful woman who glows from the inside out- and that always has me curious about someone. What lights them up so much?

So I asked if she would share some more about herself.

Based in Dubai, she is a producer and has created a foundation called Play For Smiles. Located in Kenya, it looks after orphaned and abandoned children in various orphanages.

Her heart and faith have a big impact on how she operates in daily life- following her own access to this guidance and being led by something greater.

It seems there is an inner connection which creates glow. But it's a connection to something.. that is connected to everything else. It isn't insular or cut off. It's like a plug into the source of all things, and we each find that in different ways.

And then expand out from there.

I asked what her favourite word was:

"Compassion. For me it’s the highest form of love. Where you act from your heart, not waiting or expecting anything. Where you are considerate towards all people and circumstances."

My own experience of compassion is like a glue that holds everything together. Connectedness.

I see that kind of openness as courageous, and I’m grateful to have met Jihad.


Photographed as part of the Golden Lotus retreat,
on location at Eden Life Centres, Bali.


I don't even know where to start with Bethany. She is a multi faceted spirit who tells trees about her travels- is still very real and grounded- and she does not like having her photo taken for too long. (There will be backlash.)
She is a trove of wisdom, insight, and new ways of connecting ideas, with a fiery undercurrent that sometimes comes out.

We explored the Rhododendron Gardens near Melbourne. I hope you enjoy the trip.



This is what I see happen with photos. And actually with myself in my own life.
We start off facing the camera and feeling confronted. Uncomfortable, in our heads, unsure, exposed. So seen. And thinking about that.

But we can start to get into our bodies. Breathe. Shake it off. Feel what it is to be standing here, with ourselves, and our own energy.
Make some noise. Feel open and accepted. Feel at ease. Or powerful. Or embodied.

It's one thing to be in your body and feeling energised and expressive.
It's another thing to be seen in it -- You might fear how you're perceived. You might fear not being accepted. Or pretty. Or perfect enough. Or loveable.

And it's another thing again- to see yourself in it.
To face your own judgements -- or your acceptance. Be your own mirror. Because ultimately that's the acceptance we need.
And it's our fear, which we imagine other people are thinking.

So what lets you get into your body? What lets you relax? Open up?

It can be a skill we build over time- a feeling of inner security. It can be being in an environment you love. Doing something you love. Moving, dancing, exercising, singing, yelling. Changing your stance. Waking up. Getting energy out. 

You're responsible for your own power in your body. And it flows a lot easier when you can accept yourself. Being imperfect, and human, and here.

What are you generating. What are you creating.

Photos taken by Tali Brash. Thank you for pushing my edges!

The Voices of Tali

A few months ago I took portraits of the beautiful and charismatic Tali Brash, for her one woman show called The Voices of Tali. It's since been a sell out and wholly amazing to see.
www.talibrash.com for any updates on future shows.

The show was about these different voices inside her, so we captured images of them- these different expressions and edges of herself. She has amazing presence, and goes fully and openly into all of the energy.
In the same vein, she turned the camera on me afterwards to push me to my own edges to be seen in. That's for another day to share.

But here are some of her portraits. Such a great person to work with :)