Wall paintings

I like that art can be found and made anywhere. These kinds of walls and alleys are some of my favourite places. I like that they're grungey and not typically beautiful, not typically noticed, but it becomes about something other than the subject. I find that there's so much to explore and it all starts with balance. It's almost like something physically settles in me when the frame feels balanced-- and there's so many possibilities to reach that. Within the frames I could keep cropping- there's all these little sections to examine- but then overall there is a feeling. Some photos have it more than others, but there is a flow to it. The way the tones change, the place that contrast draws your eye to. And the light! Soft light on harsh subjects.

Any extra processing feels a bit like painting with what's already there. I tend to add a little romanticism that doesn't come straight out of the camera. It's like we've got a pleasant-meter inside, a barometer for what will look and feel good to us. Or it may be the way we perceive something originally when we see it- with our own filter that isn't always captured. Either way the world offers an amazing basis to create from.