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Jihad M'nsaria is beautiful woman who glows from the inside out- and that always has me curious about someone. What lights them up so much?

So I asked if she would share some more about herself.

Based in Dubai, she is a producer and has created a foundation called Play For Smiles. Located in Kenya, it looks after orphaned and abandoned children in various orphanages.

Her heart and faith have a big impact on how she operates in daily life- following her own access to this guidance and being led by something greater.

It seems there is an inner connection which creates glow. But it's a connection to something.. that is connected to everything else. It isn't insular or cut off. It's like a plug into the source of all things, and we each find that in different ways.

And then expand out from there.

I asked what her favourite word was:

"Compassion. For me it’s the highest form of love. Where you act from your heart, not waiting or expecting anything. Where you are considerate towards all people and circumstances."

My own experience of compassion is like a glue that holds everything together. Connectedness.

I see that kind of openness as courageous, and I’m grateful to have met Jihad.


Photographed as part of the Golden Lotus retreat,
on location at Eden Life Centres, Bali.


Armelle is a gorgeous, joyful woman with sparkly eyes and a sexy french accent. 
She's spent the last 2 years following something she loves, shifting careers and studying shiatsu.  
Often when I take portraits we chat, and often I hear some awesome helpful things about other peoples journeys and discoveries. 

Among other things Armelle mentioned that when doing something she loved, it made tough times easier too. 

"…the more I do what I love the more I love myself. The more I love myself the more I can love others. The secret of a healthy cycle.
I still struggle with doubts, fear of the unknown, scarcity but it's part of the journey!!"

"I've learnt that the only thing stopping me from being me is me. It's my attachment to who I think I am now and the fear of letting go of this identity."